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5 Office Space Trends To Make Your Workplace More Innovative


Technology has had a profound effect on the way that we work and play, and at OFSG we are particularly interested in the way the office space is being transformed. With that in mind, we have taken a look at some of this year’s office space trends and given you an idea of how you should be equipping your workspace for a digital world.


Wide Open Spaces

Gone are the days of the office cubicle; wide open spaces are now the preferred environment in which to work. The nevadaopen plan office now dominates the modern approach to brainstorming and creativity

Cloud computing and social networking have paved the way for collaboration in the office environment and the modern office is all about sharing. Open plan spaces allow for greater creativity and cohesion in any team.

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Mobility In The Office

Moving seating is essential to support the collaborative workplace. Chairs on wheels allow employees to get around the office. And, as we move closer towards achieving balance in the workspace and employee health is of greater concern for corporates, chairs with ergonomic support have risen in popularity.


Relaxation And Pause Areas

Again, we see how the corporate environment is trying to achieve and encourage balance by allowing employees the time and reception-areadedicated space in which to take a few moments to breath. Pause areas with comfortable seating.

Eating areas have also been given a modern make-over, featuring café style tables and seating that allow for more interaction.


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Bold, Inspiring Colours
Colour has a profound effect on mood and ambience so it’s no wonder that contemporary companies are veering away from the traditional sterility of corporate branding and are experimenting with brighter, bolder colours that are inspiring and uplifting.


Letting The Outdoors In

Organic elements are finding their way into our workspaces too. Greenery, indoor plants and trees breath fresh air into any office and provide a splash of colour. Big, open windows also let more of the outdoors in, giving 8 to 5 office workers some welcome inspiration.

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