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Creating An Office Space That People Actually Want To Work In

Your Office Design Should Be Reflective Of The People And Property, Two Of Your Biggest Assets

Interior design specialists say your office space should reflect the culture of your business, and it should include the elements that drive and motivate your staff. People spend the best part of their day at the office and it can make a difference to morale when the environment has been created to inspire.

Polished and professional, this Boston suite makes a statement.

Polished and professional, this Boston suite makes a statement.

Perhaps you prioritise hiring the best people for the job in your business. The next step in retaining them lies in creating office spaces that are motivating for them to work in. People work better when they are given some flexibility and freedom.


If you have the space to do so, think about setting up pause and rest areas, so that if one of your top employees wants to get out of the office to do some brainstorming, there are other options on the premises.

<< Boston U-Shape Executive Desk With Conference End

Ask “Big” Questions- Instead Of Just Moving The Desks Around


These days there are a number of different factors that influence how you put a work space together. A few years it would have been a simple matter of having employees from one department working together, or the entire workforce working in an open plan environment. Now we have different teams, different technology and different communities that influence the composition of a work space. You may have as many as four different generations co-habiting the same space. Some businesses have adopted flat management styles, and expect teams and team leaders to work together in the same space.

Comfortable Seating Is Essential In Every Office Environment

In the standard office environment, employees with desk-based jobs will spend eight hours a day sitting in a chair. So, you can see why it is so important that the seating you introduce is ergonomically designed. You should also think about the practical elements, like the fact that sturdier, higher quality chairs are more stable for heavier and taller people to sit on.

This stylish double seater is as comfortable to sit on as it is good looking.

This stylish double seater is as comfortable to sit on as it is good looking.


Consider also the type of seating you’re going to offer visitors and clients. If you have a salon or a waiting area, comfortable seating helps customers to relax and get comfortable. The experience your clients have with your business starts from the moment they step into your space.

Red Couch from the St Helena Range>>

Space constraints are common for modern businesses that are looking to cut costs. In this example, we can see how the cubicle design has had a contemporary facelift, but new concepts like hot desking and virtual offices also offer business owners options to be more economical with space.

Evolution 4 Way Workstation

Adding a touch of colour and fun to the traditional "cubicle" space

Adding a touch of colour and fun to the traditional “cubicle” space





Cluster desking is perfect for teams that need to work together closely, but still offer each person some privacy. The Evolution 4 Way Workstation is available in various configurations, including a shared workspace configuration.







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